Lowndes History

County History: Lowndes County was created from Irwin County on Dec. 23, 1825 by an act of the General Assembly (Ga. Laws 1825, p. 54). Georgia's 68th county was named for South Carolina lawyer, planter, U.S. representative, and vice presidential candidate William Lowndes (1782-1822). Lowndes was a ardent supporter of the War of 1812 and was a well-respected member of Congress. Three years after his death, the Georgia General Assembly named a new county in his honor. Subsequently, Alabama and Mississippi also named counties for Lowndes.

County Seat: In 1826, the legislature passed an act appointing commissioners to select a site for a county seat for newly created Lowndes County. They selected a settlement known as Franklinville, and in 1828 the legislature officially designated the site as county seat. In 1833, lawmakers moved the county seat to Lowndesville. In March 1837, the name of Lowndesville was changed to Troupville in honor of former governor and U.S. senator George Troup. In Dec.1837, the legislature incorporated Troupville. Finally, in 1859, the legislature designated the railroad settlement of Valdosta [named for former governor George Troup's Val D'Osta plantation, which he had named for a valley in the Italian Alps with the same name] as county seat. On Dec. 7, 1860, the legislature incorporated Valdosta as a town.
County Courthouse: This is the seventh courthouse in the history of Lowndes County. The first was a log structure built in Franklinville in 1828. When Lowndesville was named county seat in 1833, the wooden courthouse was moved from Franklinville. The next year, a new courthouse was built in Lowndesville, which in 1837 was renamed Troupville. Here, Lowndes County's third courthouse was built in 1842. This courthouse burned in 1858. The next year, the legislature moved the county seat from Troupville to Valdosta. Here, the county's fourth courthouse was built -- but it burned in 1869. A new courthouse was built on the city's public square in 1871. This structure was replaced in 1875 by a two-story red brick courthouse . After serving thirty years, this structure was torn down in 1904, with the current courthouse completed the following year. The Lowndes County courthouse is widely acknowledged as one of the most beautiful county courthouses in Georgia.
Historical Information from the web site http://bioguide.congress.gov/